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St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Break out all things green, St. Patrick's Day is coming! Observed every March 17— pack your celebration with activities, good luck and maybe a special visit from a Leprechaun!

You don't need any luck to have an amazing event, you just need the team at Awesome Entertainment! We have everything you need to make your St. Patrick's day celebration of any size memorable and fun.

Here are just a few fun ideas to jump start your imagination!

Surprise your students, employees or guests with a visit from a lucky Leprechaun.

You might be thinking recycling but we are thinking the color green and SLIME. You're guests may not being feeling too lucky if they get slimed but it is sure to bring smiles and lots of fun!

Putt on our greens...our mini golf comes in an inflatable version or our mobile kit. Either way, golf enthusiasts of any age are sure to have fun.

They may not be green, but any kiddo would feel like lucky when they have a bounce to jump and play inside. Awesome Entertainment has the largest selection in the area of bounces houses and bounce house combos.

Mini Melts

Complete your celebration with mini melts! Our Mini Melts are cryogenically frozen ice cream that use extremely cold temperatures to lock in intense flavors. This type of ice cream is also known as Dippin Dots, Space Ice Cream, Pebble Ice Cream, Future Ice Cream, Amusement Park Ice Cream and Dot Ice Cream.

Want more ideas? Be sure to check out our website and browse our extensive selection of party rentals items. We have everything you need. From tables to chairs to characters, rides and attractions, we have everything you need to create an AWESOME event!

Ready to start planning? Reach out to our professional party planners at 614-224-9568.

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