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Top 5 Games for your March Madness Office Party

Looking for a boost to office morale? Throwing a March Madness Party is a great way to build some fun and excitement into the typical day at the office.

With over 20 years of planning Awesome parties including March Madness Parties, the team at AFE has put together the top 5 games to play at your March Madness Office Party.

1.) Have each employee fill out a bracket. Even if someone doesn’t follow basketball, they are still fun to see how far people can go on a guess, Have prizes available and encourage participation. The more people that participate the merrier. Need a bracket? Here is a link to blank brackets

2.) Pop- A-Shot: Give employees a chance to shoot some hoops.

3.) Foosball aka Table Soccer

4.) Table Tennis aka Ping Pong

5.) Corn hole: Probably the most popular “backyard” game in the midwest, corn hole is a fun competitive game. You can even create a fun spin on the original cornel by having an oversized inflatable corn hole game.

Whatever you decide to do for your March Madness party, activities are great ways to create excitement and a little friendly competition that is sure to boost the office morale.

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