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Awesome Team Member Spotlight: ZACK

Our “Zack-of-all-trades” passes on his experience to our newest Team Members.
Zack is always ready to step in and assist!

One of our longest-serving employees, Zack has worked for AFE for more than 5 years. Zack helped grow AFE from a modest location run by a small AFE family of relatives and employees to our current 32,500 sq. ft. warehouse that annually produces 3,000 events across the country.

During his time with AFE, Zack has scheduled and made equipment deliveries and retrievals, operated our Will Call customer pickup service and been a warehouse supervisor. On occasion, Zack even dons a Darth Vader costume or a cowboy stetson to delight clients at a birthday party or other event.

Zack Fraley, Training Supervisor with fellow team member.

Zack’s encyclopedic knowledge of AFE’s inventory of inflatables, concession machines, party decor and mechanical rides makes him our natural Training Supervisor. Whether it’s a new hire learning about our vehicle protocol or seasoned veterans trying out new attractions, Zack is the point person for that training. He will also be training AFE Team Members in the field, giving them hands on experience on routes and sometimes checking set ups and client services at event sites.

Zack is a die-hard OSU fan, and he can often be found on his days off enjoying a Buckeye sporting event.

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