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Awesome Team Member Spotlight: Donell

Meet another one of our AWESOME Team Members, Donell

Donell is the main drumbeat of every delivery route he leads.

Donell supervises the AFE warehouse.

After joining AFE’s Fulfillment Team in April 2022, Donell quickly set a standard for hard work in the warehouse. Later that season, he was named a Warehouse Supervisor and continues in that role this season. When he’s not in an AFE truck, this Youngstown native’s life is filled with his music, which he often performs in public on off-days and evenings.

“Music is sound that lets you talk to your ancestors,” he says. He adds that when you find the type of music that you like, it can be almost healing. “Just the sound of a clarinet can calm your stress down.”

Donell is known for his reliability on AFE’s earliest, longest and most difficult routes. But just as valuable as his willingness to work hard is his constant smile. Donell’s positive attitude often sets the tone for the warehouse, turning tough early-morning report times into energetic days. “Love, serenity leads to success,” he says. With years of challenging times behind him, he is always willing to help his team and to spend time supporting others to their success.


Periodically we highlight members of the Awesome Entertainment Team. Check out our blog to meet more of our amazing staff!

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