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Summer Bounce House Safety Tips

Bounce houses/Moonwalks also known to many as “Bouncy Houses” are a universally popular summer time go to activity for toddlers to teens. These air filled playgrounds of fun can occupy energetic children for hours. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some are even designed as obstacle courses, have slides, water features, ladders and hoops.

While their popularity has grown, also has their availability outside of the commercial market. What was once an amusement item sold only to commercial entities, is now readily available at many local retailers for “household” use. But buyer beware, while these inflatables seem like harmless fun, there has been a significant rise in injuries and accidents related to bounce houses in recent years. Several factors contribute to this spike including their popularity, accessibility, home set-ups, improper set-ups by commercial businesses or inadequately trained operators.

While the bounce houses sold at retail establishments may look like the ones rented by entertainment and amusement firms, more often than not, they are structurally “watered down” versions of the more industrial models used by professional companies. According to 24 year veteran of the amusement/entertainment industry, Curtis Lovell, “ Parents should look to a professional if they want to have an inflatable/bounce house activity.” He continues, there are many safety issues with bounce houses that many people don't think about. Professionals are trained, inspected by the state of Ohio Department of Agriculture and take on the responsibility and liability.”

If you do decide to rent from a professional, Lovell recommends asking the following:

  • How long has the company been in business?

  • Ask for the companies incident statistics.

  • Ask if they are up to date with their inspections and licenses from the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture.

  • Ask how their employees are trained on the equipment.

  • Make sure they are properly insured.

So don’t fear, those inflatable attractions that can bring hours of jumping, bouncing and smiles can be the best part of any summer time activity or event, just be smart and always think safety first. “Cutting corners on event activities is never a good idea, states Lovell. You throw an event or party for people to have a good time. The last thing you want is for someone to leave unhappy or injured.”


About Awesome Family Entertainment

Founded in 1996 by Curtis Lovell, Awesome Family Entertainment has been bringing fun to Central Ohioans for over 20 years. The company offers party planning services, live entertainers such as life-sized characters and singing telegrams, party games, carnival-style games, bounce-houses, life-sized board games, build-a-bear machines and more. Guests can contact Awesome Family Entertainment by calling 614-224-9568 or visiting them on the web at


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