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Specialty Acts for Exceptional Events

By now you know ALL of Awesome Entertainment's services are special. But did you know we offer an array of exceptional performance experiences we call Specialty Acts? You can explore these through the link at the bottom of each AE website page.

Awesome Entertainment’s special formula of precise in-house training and top talent-sourcing makes us a premier provider of party entertainment, covering the full spectrum of events from private celebrations to corporate conferences. We engage experts to train our talented Princesses, Superheroes, Telegram Actors, Face Painters, Balloon Twisters and more. Within our 32,500 sq. ft. warehouse, we curate costuming, character work, accessories and supplies, to ensure the highest quality across the board. We do this all while offering regular trainings in new art forms, health and safety best practices, and our client-centered philosophy, so our performers have ever-increasing opportunities to advance within our company.

Specialty Acts, as a group, raises the bar for AE’s entertainment offerings.  Our Specialty Acts Manager identifies the most unique professionals the country has to offer in all fields of the entertainment industry, and we organize these extraordinary options in one place, so our clients can easily find premier performances suitable for any event. AE clients gain access to our national roster of talent, and we connect this wide range of artists to galas, corporate meetings, and celebrations. We can even bring these performances to your own front door.    

Looking for a living mermaid to spice up your pool party?  Would bedazzled Stilt Walkers stand out at your themed neighborhood event?  Could a complete acrobatic aerial dance performance provide needed pizzazz?  Or do you have your own unique idea that you'd like us to source or create?

If you can dream it, Awesome Entertainment can do it.

Call our Specialty Acts Manager at 614-282-1453 to discuss your idea or vision today.

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