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Parent Review: Holiday Character Greetings

We are officially well into December and the holidays just haven’t seemed as magical this year. And trust me, I have tried. We have had been listening to Christmas music since November 1 and every piece of holiday decor has been staged. The fact is, personally I am out of my holiday routine…especially with the kiddos. This is the season for them and I have been at a loss to get them truly excited. Sure they are eagerly awaiting Christmas, but they have missed our annual trek out in the woods to pick out and cut down the perfect tree and Santa’s pre-holiday visit.

So yes, they are excited, but there has been something missing…that is until I had Frosty the Snowman come to deliver a socially distant (of course) character greeting to our house.

I was aware Awesome Entertainment offered Holiday Character Greetings, but it wasn’t until I talked to Curtis and Stephanie that I fully understood how cool and fun a character greeting could be.

They asked me some questions about my kiddos (since the greeting was for them) such as their favorite holiday characters, their interests, and of course their ages. And they came up with a special visit and candy container with a plush animal delivery from Frosty himself.

I have to say, when Frosty showed up, it was amazing. All three of my kiddos 1, 5, and 8 got back some of that holiday magic that had been missing. They were thrilled that Frosty decided to make a stop at our house and my 5 and 8 year old were in shock that Frosty knew they liked snakes and unicorns. Lol

The visit was perfectly timed and lasted about 10 minutes. It was great! Frosty interacted with the kiddos, talked about the Holidays, what they wanted for Christmas, and briefly discussed their interests. They are excited and the magic is back!

Thanks Awesome Entertainment!

-Sheila, Pickerington

To learn more about Holiday Character Greetings or to book please visit or cal 614-224-9568.


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