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Our Employees put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment

As a local business, we think it is important for you to get to know us. We want you to meet the amazing team members that put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment. Each month we will spotlight some of these amazing individuals. Today, our spotlight is on Sheila.

Sheila Jensen rolls a fine bounce house...

Since joining AFE last spring, Sheila has delivered, set up, retrieved, cleaned, and shelved bounce houses for many of AFE’s 2400 annual client events. As the season wore on, she created delivery routes and scheduled crews to work them.

AFE is delighted to introduce Sheila as its new Director of Warehouse and Logistics, and she’s been preparing for AFE’s 2020 summer season.

When she’s not working with state inspectors to secure permits for AFE’s hundreds of rides and attractions, she’s finding ways to make AFE’s client service extra awesome. With experience in a multitude of frontline jobs — retail, food service, hospitality, bakery, truck driving, home health care, delivery services, and more — Sheila knows what it takes to get a job done.

On any given day at AFE, she might be the one under the hood of an AFE van or fixing a leaking sink in the warehouse. Later that day, she may be the one leading a cleaning crew or answering a client’s question about inflatables.

And Sheila is putting her nursing degree to use, working with AFE’s Talent Manager to expand staff training in first aid, CPR, and workplace safety.

“I love this job,” Sheila says. “I like using my skills and learning about the entertainment field.”

Sheila’s strong work ethic strengthens AFE’s ability to meet client demands for events every day of the week, including holidays and weekends.

During the winter months, she helped veteran Fulfillment Team members set goals and identify personal leadership opportunities, and she collaborated with other AFE departments to create a comprehensive training agenda for seasonal hires — one that offers a path for long-term careers with AFE.

“I got here last May, driving a truck and hauling bounce houses, working 16-hour days,” Sheila recalls. “Now I’m leading the Fulfillment Team and managing the warehouse. AFE really does let its people grow with the company."
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