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Our Employees put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment

As a local business, we think it important for you to get to know us. We want you to meet the amazing team members that put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment. Each month we will spotlight some of these amazing individuals. Today, our spotlight is on Virginia.


Virginia Marshall started 2020 as Awesome Family Entertainment’s new Director of Business Operations.  With the company expanding in all directions — growing logistics operations, another new truck in the fleet, and additional event planners — strong administrative support is more important than ever.  And Virginia is stepping up to that challenge.

Since joining AFE full-time in 2016, Virginia has brought both a client perspective and corporate experience to our Business Office.  Coming from Borden, Inc. — backed by tenure at Eagle Family Foods, and Elmer’s Products — Virginia started out as an AFE client.

“I saw AFE’s ad on TV one day and was impressed with their event services.  I decided to call them for a company party,” she recalls.  “Who would have imagined I’d be working here someday, helping this company grow even more?”

Virginia also oversees Human Resources, as well as fiscal operations, and additional office functions.

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