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Just say No to Scary Easter Bunnies & Yes to Professional Easter Bunnies from Awesome Entertainment!

You know you have seen them...those cringe worthy Easter Bunnies that bring more frightened looks than smiles. 😂 Most likely someone waited until the last minute to secure their costumed character for their celebration or worse...purchased a costume online sight unseen. Don't be caught off guard. Let the professionals at Awesome Entertainment help you with your Easter celebration.


Easter Bunnies

With Easter coming up, it's time to reserve your bunny for your egg hunt or other special event. At Awesome Entertainment, you can be assured that your bunny will be professional, in a high quality costume, and most of all bring SMILES!

We have several bunny characters available including:

  • Blue Easter Bunny

  • White Bunny in Vest

  • Pink Easter Bunny

  • Mr. Cottontail (green shirt)

  • Easter Bunny

  • Bunny in Dress Suit (wearing a hat with one ear popped up)

  • Peter Rabbit Impersonator

In addition to costumed Easter Bunny Characters, we also have Easter Scenes for photo opportunities as well as elegant chair rental so the Easter Bunny can have a regal seat!

Easter Photo Backgrounds + Scenes

Our Easter Bunny Scene creates a lovely space to celebrate Spring. Your party guests will enjoy the complete royal PURPLE carpet experience when they come to meet Mr. Bunny Rabbit!

Our team will set up all props and decor, disappearing in time to leave your event attendees gasping at the goodies.

Scene includes:

Spring Theme Backdrop

Purple Carpet

Stanchions & Ropes

We can even have a one of our team members take photos and provide prints to guests! How cool is that?

Looking for an Egg Hunt/Drop experience? We do that too!

Easter Egg Drops for Your Egg Hunt

Who's that hippity-hoppin' into your yard?! Snap a whole basket of photos with this floppy-eared visitor!

Our Bunny delivers tons of fun with every Easter Egg Drop. This interactive activity for children and families will wake up your weekend. Our big Bunny will "hide" 24 plastic eggs in your front yard -- each one stuffed with goodies -- while waving to your children and offering air hugs and high-fives. Our bunnies are known to bring along other surprises, as well!

This interactive outdoor activity for children provides great photo opportunities and forever memories for your entire family.

So "Hop to It" Easter will be here before you know it. We are currently booking Egg Drops, Easter Bunny visits, and Bunny + Scene + Photographers. Call 614-224-9568 and secure your character and/items today!

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