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Pretzel Display Warmers


Don't let party snack needs tie you up in knots!

Our Pretzel Display Warmers provide the perfect solution, offering up to 50 large pretzels at a time.  We also can provide the pretzles that were designed for this type of a machine! 

Unlike other options on the market, our commercial Pretzel Display Warmer steams the pretzels as they're displayed, so no oven is needed. But don't forget the nacho cheese, mustard and other enhancements to complete this yummy snack option. Our Nacho Cheese Warmer is a definite MUST for any pretzel party!

And ask about our many other concession options to satisfy all your diverse party-goers.  Popcorn for parties, nachos for neighbors, snow cones for school celebrations and even cotton candy for corporate events -- we have a concession to suit every taste.

Additional Services:
Ask about an attendant to set up, operate and remove our concession equipment so you can enjoy your event.

And explore our many Concession Catering options with your Awesome Entertainment Event Planner.