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  • Concession Catering, what is it?
    First, what are the standard options?
    When you rent a concession machine you need operators, tables, tablecloths, napkins, supplies, someone to set up, tear down and clean!
    When you hire an operator from us, the operator will operate the concession machine for you, but you supply all the needed items, most of these items you can purchase or rent from us..
    BUT…. Concession Catering is totally awesome! We handle everything from the set up, basic clean up, all the supplies, operating the equipment, pass out the food. We also bring the tables, tablecloth, napkins and all the miscellaneous items as needed.
    The event host has very little to worry about, so they have more time to spend with their party guests!
    Contact us for all the details!

  • Concesion Catoring Pricing:
    Usually the price range is $299 to $999, varies on time, number of servings, all needed items and location.

    Contact us for all the details!



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