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Concession Catering


  • What's Concession Catering?

    Concession machine rentals are fun food options, but they require operators, tables, tablecloths, napkins, supplies -- and set up, tear down and cleaning! Even if you hire an operator to run the machines, you'll still need to supply all the needed items -- or purchase them with your rental.
    BUT…. CONCESSION CATERING turns these chores into an AWESOME service. We handle everything from setting up the equipment, providing all supplies, operating the concessions, passing out the food and even cleaning up. We also bring the tables, tablecloth, napkins and all the needed miscellaneous items.
    As event host, you won't be worrying about the snacks -- giving you more time to spend with your guests. 
    Contact us for all the details!

    Prices range from $299 to $999+, depending on the length of your event, number of guests to be served, location, required food items and other factors.

    Contact us to explore your options!


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