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Columbus, Ohio pipe and drape rentals, fabric wall rentals, backdrop rentals, Columbus, Ohio

Pipe & Drape

Shaping a scene?  Forming a fantasy? Presenting a perspective?  
Make it happen with our Pipe & Drape!

Whether planning a party, tricking out a trade show or creating a corporate meeting, our Pipe & Drape will add elegance and privacy to your special event.  The versatility of our Pipe & Drape -- sometimes called "wall dividers" -- offers you the ability to stylize any space.

To see our Backdrop options, Click Here!

Details regarding our Pipe & Drape options:
Heighth is adjustable from 7 ft. tall to 12 ft. tall.
Width is adjustable from 6 ft. to 10 ft.

8 ft. or 12 ft. curtain in black or white
Other colors require a special order.

Using the pipe for taller than 8 ft. requires the 12 ft. curtain.
Using the pipe for 8 ft. or shorter requires the 8 ft. curtain.

NOTE: Depending on your selected height, curtains may create a classy puddle effect on the ground.

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