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Top 5 Must-Have Rental Items for Any Glow/LED Party

Glow/LED Parties are growing in popularity for both kids and adults alike. They can be held at any time of the year and can be indoors or outdoors.

We have been assisting with Glow/LED party planning and following the trends for several years now and we have developed a list of the top 5 items for any successful glow party.

We will break them down into two categories: Glow/LED Furniture and Glow/LED Activities

Glow Furniture

Glow/LED Curved Bench: The LED benches will be sure to grab attention. Not only are they functional, but they add an amazing aesthetic element to your party. The benches have 16 different color options and can be set to strobe, pulse, fade, or just stay smooth.

LED Dot Chairs and Side Tables: Dot chairs with side tables are great for a more "socially distanced" seating arrangement. Like the Glow/LED benches, the dot chairs, and side tables have 16 different color options and can be set to strobe, pulse, fade, or remain one color.

Glow/LED Activities

Glow/LED Swings: These swings add whimsy for kids and adults alike, and they are sure to absolutely love them! The swings can be lit to 16 different colors. Swinging has never been so much fun, cool, and bright.

Glow/LED Seesaws: This see-saw takes the classic playground item to a whole other level. Adults will be just attracted to this item as the kiddos. With many light features and options, this is an awesome addition for any Glow/LED party.

LED Dance Floor: No Glow/LED party is complete without an LED Mirrored Dance Floor. And Awesome Entertainment is the ONLY company in Ohio with a floor like this with its LED Mirrored Dance Floor!

The dance floor can be configured as a square or a T shape to create a lighted runway. Like the other LED equipment, it comes with a remote to select different colors and designs.

Well, there you have it, our top 5 rental items. We have to admit, it was extremely hard narrowing it down to 5. There are so many options and items to choose from depending on the theme for your event. To learn more about Glow/LED party rental items, visit our website, or just give us a call at 614-224-9568.

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