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Spring Outdoor Party Ideas

Spring is almost here and that comes as a welcome relief to many. The warmer temperatures and the sunshine signal much needed outdoor time with family and friends. The kiddos are especially loving this time of year, rather than being cooped up in the house, they can get outside and move! It's also the time of year to start planning those outdoor parties and events.

So what are some fun outdoor activities that are popular with guests with a variety of ages and interests? The answers are awesome and we will walk you through some popular springtime activities that can be used at different parties and celebrations. We will even break them out by age to give you some ideas. Let’s get planning!

Toddler and Young Children: This is the age of imagination. No idea is too big or too small. Popular items with youngsters include princesses, superheroes, the Easter Bunny, and mascot character impersonators. As far as outdoor activities, you can go with a standard bouncy house or go a little more elaborate and unique with a mobile Merry-Go-Round.

Tween(agers) and Teenagers: This group wants to be engaged with the latest and greatest and what is Cool! Look for activities like inflatable ax throwing, dunk tanks, and the ever-popular foam pit. Foam Pit dance parties have become all the rage with teenagers that are especially into music and dance. Other ideas include bumper cars, waterslides and life-sized board games like Operation, Twister, and Jenga.

Multi-generational Party with Adults and Kids: Sometimes people think that you can’t have activities that all ages can enjoy. Not true at all. Bumper cars, Carnival Games, Mini-Golf, human billiards, and spin art, all make for great outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy.

The activities for your outdoor event are almost limitless. You are only bound by your imagination. The important thing to always keep in mind is who is your guest and what are their interests.

Keep it fun and lighthearted and everyone is sure to have a wonderful and memorable time. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. So get excited and start planning your next epic outdoor event!

About Awesome Family Entertainment

Awesome Family Entertainment offers clients complimentary party planning services and can not only take care of the activities, but any additional furniture needs such as tables and tents and even concessions like hot dogs, cotton candy and popcorn.

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