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Spring Cleaning Ramp Up for Awesome Fun!

AFE is ramping up its usual spring cleaning to ensure an even higher level of sanitation for clients and staff.

AFE’s Director of Warehouse and Logistics is using the current pause in deliveries — caused by COVID-19 restrictions — to deep clean AFE’s 32,500 sq. ft. warehouse and inventory.

Tables and chairs are being washed and disinfected, as are dunk tank covers and other equipment waiting to bring client events to life. AFE’s hundreds of inflatables and attractions were cleaned and sanitized as part of AFE’s regular winter maintenance, so everything will be ready to deliver when clients call for them.

AFE’s singing telegrams and costumed characters sanitize their costumes, inside and out, before and after each appearance, frequently washing hands and disinfecting.

AFE’s no- contact, outdoor deliveries include “safe distance” photos and “air high fives,” incorporating safe hygiene practices into the fun. Easter egg drops were all the rage this season, adding a new dimension to the tradition.

Hand sanitizer has been added to dozens of performer kits, and AFE’s Talent Manager trains face painters and other entertainers to use safe hygiene procedures and fresh water dispensers for every single face painting brush stroke.

AFE’s company-wide hand-washing and social distancing rules will remain in place long after we resume deliveries, so both clients and employees will enjoy safe summer fun during their local festivals, block parties, employee recognition days and family reunions.

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