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Party and Play Ideas for Kids that Love Dinosaurs!

We have partnered with the blog Mommy Over 35 and they will be reviewing and writing about their experiences with Awesome Entertainment from a parents’ perspective.

My 7-year-old son is obsessed with Dinosaurs since he could talk. He wants dinosaurs incorporated into everything from his clothing to his toys.

Recently he asked me if I could take him to someplace that has dinosaurs like a museum or park. So, being the sucker I am for this little guy, I went to google and searched “Dinosaur activities near me”. The results came back and were disappointing, to say the least. All the museums are closed because of Covid-19.

I thought about it and decided to call Awesome Entertainment to see if they had any ideas and I am glad I did. They gave me some amazing ideas and I thought I would share them.

They recommended the following:

Jurassic Park Bounce House and Slide Combo: This large bounce house with a slide is perfect for the Dino enthusiast! It has a large bouncing area with pop-up dinosaur heads, a basketball hoop, and a slanted climbing ramp that leads to the slide. 

Backyard Dino Dig: Grab a sandbox, some sand, and bake a few dinosaur bones using flour for your very own excavation. While the team does not rent this, they gave me a great website for this fun DIY activity. (

Dinosaur Land Game: They described it to me as inspired by the classic game operation with a dinosaur twist. The electronic tabletop game has prehistoric sound effects and vivid graphics. It challenges players to see if they can manipulate the over-sized tweezers to remove the various dinosaurs without touching the sides that trigger fun sound effects.

Jurassic Toss: This is what they consider a carnival game rental item. Kiddos “feed” the dinosaurs by flinging “insects” into their mouth. The game also comes with a foot launcher if the kids would rather not "hand" toss.

Dinosaur Kiddie High Striker: This is another carnival game that they suggested. It’s a classic carnival attraction to test “strength". Kids will have fun trying to hit/ring the bell. I think most of us have seen these at the local fair in the Midway.

These are just some of the ideas they gave me and all seem like activities my dino loving kiddo will enjoy. I am trying to make the final days of summer fun and exciting and I think creating an at-home Dino Experience will do the trick!

Get help with your next event (large or small) by calling the party planners at Awesome Entertainment, 614-224-9568.

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