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Missing the Midway at your favorite Fair/Festival? Create your own experience in your backyard!

We have partnered with the blog Mommy Over 35 and they will be reviewing and writing about their experiences with Awesome Entertainment from a parents’ perspective.

If your kids are anything like mine, they are missing the county fairs and festivals. They want to play games in the midway and win prizes. They want to ride the rides and jump in the “spacewalk”.

Since we can’t travel to the local festival this summer, we decided to plan our own experience this year in our backyard with the help of Awesome Entertainment.

Because I didn’t really know where to start, the team at Awesome Entertainment gave us their top ideas to create the most authentic backyard fair/festival experience.

Their first tip was to create a Midway complete with Prizes. Popular games include Pop-A-Balloon, the Kiddie High Striker, Knock Over the Clown, Baseball Pitch, Ring Toss, Duck Pond, the Roller Bowler, and Can Smash. (They have many more but we were looking for a variety to entertainment 5, 7, and 40 something-year-olds.)

The next suggestion was to have a ride or attraction or two. Recommendations included having a Bounce House. (Because after all, what kid doesn’t like to bounce?) An absolutely “Awesome” suggestion they brought to my attention was to have a Traditional Carnival Ride like a Carousel, a Rock N Tumble, or Bumper Cars. (I had literally no idea you could rent items like this. How cool is that?)

To top off the festivities, they suggested getting a Cotton Candy Machine or other types of Concessions to make our own carnival-style treats.

We can’t wait to have our Backyard Festival! If you too would like to plan a backyard event for your family, the experts at Awesome Entertainment are ready to help!

To get your planning started, contact Awesome Entertainment at 614-224-9568.

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