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Looking for Wheelchair and Inclusive Activities for your party?

Awesome Family Entertainment Has You Covered.

Children like to play and be active, that’s a fact. And if you have a child that uses a wheelchair or has a disability, that may seem challenging sometimes to achieve. However the team at AFE believes kids of all abilities need to have fun and be active…it helps increase self-esteem and optimizes inclusion with peers. And every kid deserves to have fun!

We have a variety of activities and entertainment options that kids, as well as adults, of all abilities are sure to enjoy.

Get Moving with our NEW inflatable Wheelchair Accessible Obstacle Course. The course provides awesome fun at your event for guests who travel by wheelchair or stroller, or those with sensory considerations. Players run, walk or roll around obstacles in our floor-less course. Others can pedal giant trikes through the route — offering safe access and exciting fun for party-goers with different needs. The race-car themed, inflatable obstacle course is designed to prevent over-stimulation, while still providing awesome hours of party fun!

Party Characters are a hit at any party or event. They spark the imagination and bring a smile to guests of any any age. With hundreds of character impersonators from Mickey to Baby Shark, and are sure to have a character perfect for you!

Ballon Twisters offer traditional twists for terrific times! Our expert Balloon Twisters shape anything from dogs and cats to flowers and swords and everything in-between. Using vibrant colored balloons and clever shapes, our Twisters keep this time-honored party favorite.

Get creative with your guests with Spin Art. Spin T-Shirts are the classic DIY delight! Let every guest become an artist in this awesome activity. And each finished artwork becomes a wearable "take home" gift enjoyed long after the event. With crazy swirls, loopy designs, a single color or a rainbow pattern -- both children and adults will find it easy to be Picassos with our Spin machines. Simply drop special Spin paint on the shirt, push the big red button and VOILA! One-of-a-kind artwork! Best of all spin paint is washable, so it won’t leave permanent stains on skin, clothing or carpet. And we include an attendant, to make sure everyone can concentrate on having fun!

Delicious treats always top off the perfect

party! Nothing beats the heat like an ice cold snow cone on a simmering summer day. Electric Snow Cone Machines will help your party guests stay cool and enjoy the festivities all day long. Every tongue turned blue is another satisfied guest at your event.

These are just a sampling of some of the activities you can have for kids and adults that are inclusive of different abilities. With over 20 years experience, the party planners at Awesome Entertainment can help you create an amazing experience for all your guests!

Call us today and start planning!


About Awesome Family Entertainment Founded in 1996 by Curtis Lovell, Awesome Family Entertainment has been bringing fun to Central Ohioans for over 20 years. The company offers party planning services, live entertainers such as life-sized characters and singing telegrams, party games, carnival-style games, bounce-houses, life-sized board games, build-a-bear machines and more. Guests can contact Awesome Family Entertainment by calling 614-224-9568 or visiting them on the web at

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