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Looking for a Unique Party Idea? Host a Bear Building Workshop!

Bringing a new friend to life is a magical process that will be remembered for years to come. We bring the "stuff your own animal" experience to you. We offer a variety of bears and animals that your partygoers can build, as well as a selection of clothing and costume options to customize their new friend.

If you are looking for something more specific or something different from traditional bears for your party or event, we offer enhanced theme options.

Enhanced Theme Options

  • Dinosaurs & Reptile Workshop

  • Sports Workshop

  • Unicorns and Mystical Creates Workshop

  • Santa Workshop

  • Kitty Cats Workshop

  • Puppy Dog Workshop

  • Zoo Animals Workshop

  • Pride Package Workshop

  • Medical Themed Workshop

  • Springtime Workshop

  • Bar Mitzvah

  • Valentines Workshop

  • Baby Shower Workshop

  • Gender Reveal Workshop

  • Halloween Workshop

  • Wedding Workshop

  • Turkey Workshop

  • Your company sponsorship Workshop

This one-stop workshop experience comes complete with everything you need. You get the bear stuffing machine, supples, table, table cloth, and operator! You don’t need to do anything but show up and have fun!

Learn more about this experience by visit Awesome Entertainment’s website at or speak to one of our professional party planners at 614-224-9568.


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