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Get into the Game with a March Madness Party from Awesome Entertainment!

March Madness Parties are great fun at home or even at the office. While it seems far off in

the distant will be here before you know it (March 14 to be exact)!

It’s time to start planning the perfect party for your staff, friends, or special event guests. The team at Awesome Family Entertainment offers some advice on making your party a “Slam Dunk”.

1.) The first and most important part of a March Madness Party is the bracket. Get a copy here and share it with all of your party-goers

2.) Send out the invitations, and don’t forget to include the bracket! Evites are awesome, easy, and most of all quick!

3.) Food, Food, Food. Plan some basketball-themed concession snacks like Jumbo Pretzels,

Popcorn, Nachos, and Hot Dogs. You can rent the concession equipment for an authentic taste, look, and feel.

4.) Have a nice TV watch the game. (If at work, you can put the TV in the breakroom.) After all, everyone is at your party to watch the game.

5.) Plan some competitive activities to keeps your guests entertained. Rent games like Pop-A-Shot (so everyone can try their hand at hoops), FoosBall, Table Tennis, and other fun activity!

Finally don’t forget to have fun. March Madness is a great reason to spend time with co-workers, friends, and family and get a little competitive…in a fun way! No matter what you plan, just remember to relax and enjoy yourself.

For more information on how to make your party planning a breeze, visit,you will find a variety of games and concessions available for rent, as well as, have access to the professional party planners at Awesome Entertainment! Or if you would rather speak to one of our planners directly, please call us at 614-224-9568.

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