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Awesome NEW 2020 Additions to Keep You Cool!

Do the hot days of summer make you want to do this? Stop, we can help! Check out some of our new items to keep you and your guests cool even on the hottest summer days!

Corkscrew Slide: Your awesome adventure begins by climbing up 17 steps to the top of the 22’  Corkscrew Style Slide. Take a seat, catch your breath, and push off onto the incredibly long 44' sliding lane as it propels you through a 180 degree right turn before screaming into the tunnel, and through another 90 degree left turn before finally splashing into the pool. (You can also use this slide dry, but why? lol)

Paradise Slide: Are you ready for a tropical paradise themed party or just dreaming of being in a tropical paradise?

Our 18' Inflatable Paradise Slide is the perfect addition to any Hawaiian themed, Luau themed, beach themed, or any event that you are hosting. The slide also boasts a wave effect, so a little different than the straight down style inflatable slides that we offer for rent.

Triple Lane Slip-N-Slide: On your mark get set and slide! Race your friends, siblings, or neighbors on our Triple Lane Inflatable Slip-N- Slide. 

Foam Double Lane Slide-N-Slide: Okay, it may not keep you cool in the traditional sense, but you will definitely be the coolest for renting this “foamtastic” new slide.

How does it work? Foam drips down on on the track, you and your guests will run and slide into foam!  You will have a party like nobody else!  

Think foam will be wet and sticky? NOPE! Although your clothes will get damp, you will not feel cold when you are in the foam. 

Our special foam formula doesn’t harm grass or clothing. The solution used in our foam machines is 100% Naturally Organic, making it safe for you, your guests, and the planet.

With all these options and the dog days of summer on the horizon, what are you waiting for? Call us today to reserve your date. Our professional team of party planners is ready to assist! 614-224-9568.

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