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Columbus, Ohio tablecloth rentals, Ohio linen rentals - linens for table rentals Columbus Ohio



Such an array for your buffet! We have a variety of Tablecloth sizes, styles and colors to add pizzazz to your party. Color options: 

6' Banquet Tables 

Black - White - Green - Royal Blue - Cream

8' Banquet Tables 

Black - White - Green - Royal Blue - Cream

48''  Round Tables 

Black - White - Red - Purple - Blue/White Checkered - Light Pink - Navy Blue

60'' Round Tables

Black - White - Red - Purple - Light Pink - Navy Blue - Cream

High Top Tables 

Black - White - Red - Purple - Blue/White Checkered - Navy Blue - Light Pink - Cream

Additional colors are available with advance notice through our Special Order Program.

Tablecloth length is usually a few inches longer than the table edge on 8 foot and 60 inch tables and drapes about halfway down on 6 foot and 48 inch tables. On High Top Tables, tablecloths end about 2 feet above the ground.

And do you have enough Tables and Chairs? Should you rent a