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Stilt Walkers


  • This entertainment towers above the rest!

    Crowd favorites at circuses and fairs for generations, today's Stilt Walkers come with magical costumes, LED adornments and choreography to fit your party needs. 

    These beloved giants make fantastic greeters, parade additions or center stage spectacles. Even the tallest party-goer will want a photo with these performers!

    Our Stilt Walkers boast amazingly detailed, intricate and unique eye-catching costumes. Our wide range of characters -- jesters, carnival, circus, comic, flowers, gentlemen, robots, LED and more -- will suit any appearance. Our in-house costume creaters are eager to coordinate and customize for your special event.

    Whether you want a WOW factor to engage festival attendees, spark the curiosity and wonderment of school students or attract crowds to a grand opening, our Stilt Walkers fascinate guests of all ages and nationalities. Invite one of our entertainers to showcase a beautifully staged dance performance, 9 feet in the air!


    • Carnival/Circus (clown, ringmaster, etc)
    • Christmas Tree
    • Butterfly
    • Flower
    • Winter Queen/King
    • Farmers
    • Scarecrows
    • Uncle Sam/Auntie Sam
    • Mardi Gras
    • Black Tie/Tuxedo
    • Gold or Silver Ballroom Gown
    • Showgirls
    • Transformers
    • LED Glowbots


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