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Meltdown Mechanical Ride


  • Bounce! Balance! Leap! Duck! 
    The Meltdown Mechanical Ride pushes players to maximum fun.  

    You've seen The Meltdown by Galaxy Rides on television -- also known by TV names The Wipeout or The Eliminator.

    This 8-player inflatable action game tests stamina, agility and reactions. Dual spinning booms try to knock players off their podiums, and those foam poles change direction every 20 seconds, keeping players guessing when they will have to leap over or duck under to stay in the game. 

    Who will be the last one standing?

    This is an exciting attraction for all types of gatherings, but especially for corporate picnics, employee competitions, college social events, fundraisers, neighborhood block parties, community festivals, birthday celebrations, graduations and family reunions.

    This inflatable comes with one operator.


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