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  • Our Living Mermaids make waves in the best way -- at poolside, buffet tables or even in an oversized champagne glass!

    And you can make a big splash with your own little mermaid by inviting a Living Mermaid to her party! For a special spotlight performance, our Living Mermaid arrives at the party area, where her seashell throne awaits. She enthralls the audience with her character back story or reads a mermaid tale. Our performer will wrap up the appearance by crowning the birthday girl or special guest as an "Honorary Mermaid," posing for photos with party goers before waving goodbye and returning to the sea.

    Living Mermaids take corporate functions to the next level, adding elegance and surprise to the festivities. An entertainer can be a centerpiece, greeter or even a stationary server for your private party or gala. Mermaids are the ultimate conversation starter -- imagine guests served appetizers by a smiling mermaid! -- and will be talked about long after the event is over.

    And our mermaids love to visit schools and summer camps to explain the importance of keeping our oceans, lakes and rivers clean and free of plastic.

    Our professional mermaids are awesome for swim parties, corporate events, private parties and anything that needs some mermaid magic! Costumes may be accessorized to match your party theme, including full-body airbrush scales for an extremely realistic look.

    Consider adding 
    *** Mermaids who create "Mermaid Marks" (Glitter Tattoos or Face Painting)
    *** Ocean Backdrop
    *** Coral Event Decor
    *** Swimming with the Mermaid
    *** Shell Theme
    *** Bubble Blowing



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