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Disposable Trash Cans


  • Make it easy to take out the trash at your next event.

    Our Disposable Trash Cans are the perfect waste management solution for all outdoor events, parties and emergency situations.  Assembled in seconds, these sturdy cardboard containers are Made in the USA and recyclable.

    These units are designed for easy 1-2-3 assembly, with handles for convenient transportation. And they easily break down and store flat until you need them.

    Each container is a 42 Gallon Bin - 30" H x 18" W x 18" D - and requires Trash Can Liners that will hold 35 to 42 gallons. (Not included.)

    Put a brick/rock at the bottom, to help from tipping over in heavy winds when empty.

    $15 each cardboard bin 

    Each bin requires a Trash Can Liner to hold up to 42 gallons -- not included.

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    Holiday Pricing:
    An All-Day Rental or Holiday Fee may be added for July 4th weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year's Eve or other high-demand dates.
    Ask your AE planner for details.

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