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Slip-N-Slide into an Awesome Summer with AFE!

Temperatures are rising, school is almost out for the summer, and things are starting to open back know what that means? It's time to cool off and celebrate! While we have the largest selection of water slides and bounce houses with water slides, we also have the most unique and complete inventory of Slip-N-Slides in Ohio. Let's take a look!

Slip-N-Slide with Splash Pool

Slip-N-Slide into an awesome time! Our Slip-N-Slide with Splash Pool will turn your backyard party or school function into a super slick celebration. Hook up your water hose to make this the ultimate choice for cool fun.

Double Lane Slip-N-Slide

Double the slides equals double the FUN! The competition heats up while the summer heat cools down on our Double Lane Slip-N-Slide. Friends can race to see who gets to the end first. Or your event guests can just plunge into the fun.

Double Lane Slip N Slide Foam Party

Our Double Lane Slip N Slide Foam Party takes fun to the next level by adding slippery Foam to the track -- giving your guests a cooling slide they'll be talking about long after your party or event.

Our Foam solution is 100% Naturally Organic, making it safe for you, your guests and the planet. And although clothes will get damp, players won't feel cold or sticky -- and our Foam doesn't harm grass or clothing.

Triple Lane Slip-N-Slide

Race your buddies or co-workers down the track of our Triple Lane Slip-N-Slide. Your water hose will make this inflatable course super-slick for Olympic luge wannabes.

The Plunge

The PLUNGE is Player Perfect! The Plunge combines the fun and wild entertainment of a traditional slip-n-slide attraction with the safety of an enclosed inflatable and the additional thrill of a 10-foot vertical slide.

Players on this inflatable get a head start before horizontally hydroplaning for the full 30-foot length of the landing zone. When they reach the end of the horizontal plane, riders then ascend a 10-foot slide for a plunge into fun.

While bringing out the daredevil in its players, this inflatable actually includes safety features such as finger-safe netting, a no-jump covering over the slide to keep play safe and non-slip fabric covering the ladder and top platform.

Are you ready to Slip-N-Slide into Summer? View our complete inventory online at or call us today to speak with one of our AWESOME party planners at 614-224-9568 to to book your Slip-N-Slide today!


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Awesome Family Entertainment has been creating one-of-a-kind memories around Ohio for more than 20 years. Our awesome specialty entertainers, plus our dozens of carnival games, inflatables, concessions and other amusements make every occasion a special event.

Our award-winning company offers a huge menu of rides, activities, performers, concession equipment, tables/chairs and tents from our 32,500 sq. ft. warehouse near Alum Creek Drive. Our awesome Team Members take pride in excellent customer service, producing 2,400 events each year including birthday and retirement parties, graduations, family reunions, corporate events, sporting events, community festivals, parades, holiday gatherings and countless celebrations.

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