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Our Employees put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment.

We want you to meet the amazing team members that put the Awesome in Awesome Entertainment. Each month we will spotlight some of these amazing individuals. Our first spotlight is on Stephanie.


For more than 20 years, Stephanie has played a key part in celebrations of personal and professional milestones across Ohio — birthdays, anniversaries, store openings, corporate events — but clients will never recognize her at the grocery store unless she’s shopping in costume.

One recent weekend Stephanie dropped into a corporate meeting impersonating Brutus Buckeye, emerging later as a leprechaun for an early St. Patrick’s Day party, a pink troll at a birthday party, Cat in the Hat look-alike in a preschool classroom and Mickey Mouse mascot visiting an ailing toddler.

“I started as Elmo all those years ago,” she recalls her first impersonator gig.  “My favorite is doing public appearances, like a business meeting or a school.  They get so embarrassed and I have a lot of fun with it.”  Last fall, she enjoyed delivering a Happy Birthday message to a high school football player during practice.

One of AFE’s most requested mascot performers, Stephanie’s schedule fills up around holidays, including marriage proposals and declarations of love around Valentine’s Day.  She recently delivered a singing telegram dressed as a heart — asking six women to be bridesmaids at a client’s wedding.

As Awesome Family Entertainment grows beyond 2400 events each year, it’s certain that Stephanie and other entertainers joining her ranks will continue to be the heart of our business.

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