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5 Event Activity Solutions for Socially Distant Fun!

Planning an event in 2021 but want to discourage people from congregating? Yes, it can be done and Awesome Entertainment of Ohio has 5 solutions for activities that encourage fun but at a distance.

Stuff-A-Bear: Building a plush animal is fun for all ages. Your guests will create a life-long memory, as well as the new friend they magically bring to life at our Stuff An Animal Activity. As a bonus, your engaging activity turns into a unique "take home" memento.

Spin Art: Guests of all ages become instant artists, creating masterpieces with crazy swirls and loopy designs. Easily used by children, as well as adults, this is the perfect activity to engage attendees for hours -- and produces one-of-a-kind "take home" gifts.

Spin T-Shirts: Like spin art…but you get to wear the masterpiece! Every guest becomes an artist in this awesome activity. And each finished artwork becomes a wearable "take home" gift enjoyed long after the event.

Crazy swirls, loopy designs, a single color, or a rainbow pattern -- both children and adults will find it easy to be Picassos with our Spin machines. Just drop special Spin paint on the shirt, push the big red button and VOILA! One-of-a-kind artwork!

Catered Concessions: Any size party or event can use concessions to keep food contained and distributed from one ore more stations. Let the professionals handle all the details from setup to cleanup and everything in between. All you need to do is work on the menu with the team from Awesome Entertainment.

Mechanical Bull Ride: Our Mechanical Bull Ride Western Style -- our "Mr. Nacho" -- is the center of attention at any party or event. This bull ride sparks the imagination of all ages, starting with the rodeo-style corral. Mr. Nacho provides controlled, slow movements for smaller kids, as well as a safe landing area. But Mr. Nacho will also buck and spin teens and adults for a bigger thrill.

Renting Mr. Nacho can include related giveaways such as "I Survived Mr. Nacho" T-Shirts, mugs and the classic Mardi Gras bead necklaces, depending on availability. The rental includes an attendant that will keep the ride safe and clean in between riders.

These are just 5 awesome solutions to keep your event fun while discouraging people gathering together. The team at Awesome Entertainment stays up to date with COVID-19 safety protocols.

In regards to safety, for over 20 years Awesome Entertainment has made the health, safety, and well-being of our clients and their party/event guests its priority. This will not change with the coronavirus.

With that in mind, we would like to take the time to address concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the steps we’re taking to continue our focus on keeping you and your guests happy, safe and healthy.

Every piece of equipment leaving our warehouse has been cleaned and sanitized, delivered by AFE Team Members trained in our health and safety protocols that include mask wearing, safe distancing, temperature checks and frequent hand washing. At a client’s request, an inflatable may even be lightly sanitized, again, when it arrives.

If you would like more information on creative event solutions for socially distant parties and events or learn more about our health and safety protocols, please visit or call us at 614-224-9568.


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