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How to Set up a bounce house - Columbus Ohio

How To: Set Up A Bounce

The second thumbnail displays a General Instructional Video -- please watch.

General Set Up Info:

1. Check ground for a flat level surface without any rocks, sticks, pine cones, etc. (anything that may puncture the bottom of the Inflatable). Also check height clearance for trees, power lines or overhead obstructions. Tarps should be placed underneath all Inflatables before proceeding.

2.  Unroll the Inflatable in the direction you wish the Inflatable to face. Unfold until the Inflatable is completely flat and ready for inflation.

3. Attach the Blower(s) to the “Port” (extended air hose / blower tube). The “Port” is generally located in the very back or on the sides of the Inflatable. Tie off any additional “Ports” by turning the material clockwise and tying the tie around the Port. Leave a little air escaping so the Inflatable will not burst.

4. Close All Velcro / Zipper compartments. These will be located at the bottom and sides of the Inflatable. 

5. Attach heavy extension cord(s) from power source. Designate one (20 amp) fuse for each Blower. (Generally, this equates to one (110-volt) outlet for each Blower.) Use the extension cord(s) provided,  and do not extend more than 50 feet from the power source.

6. Turn the power on. (Each blower has an On/Off switch.) While the Inflatable inflates, check to make sure air is escaping the vents or ports only slightly.

7. Check to make sure the Port (air hose) leading to the Blower is not twisted. Completly tighten it around the neck of the blower.

8. Secure the Inflatable by staking the unit on ALL 4 corners.
Drive stakes halfway into the ground at a 45-degree angle away from the Inflatable. If set up on hard surface, use sandbags and attach them to the D Rings.

9. Inspect your set up and make sure there are not any safety issues before allowing riders.

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