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Gladiator Jousting Game

  • Let the trumpets blare and the royal games begin!

    Our Gladiator Jousting Game is an awesome option for today's knights  of the realm -- or teens and adults looking for a new backyard challenge.

    In this inflatable amusement, 4 players square off on individual pedestals, armed with foam-filled jousting sticks.  The object of the game is to push, hit, sideswipe or fake out competitors until they fall off their pedestals.  

    For safety's sake, players land on a large inflatable mattress, bouncing back up to joust again.

    For large parties, guests can take turns playing "king of the hill" until the ultimate winner stands alone -- or office workers can form strategies to strengthen their teams.  This is an awesome activity for backyard birthdays, school functions or other events with multiple players.



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