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Inflatable world globe, earth globe inflatable rentals Columbus, Ohio

Giant Inflatable Earth Globe

Be King of the World with our Giant Inflatable Earth Globe!

Show your neighbors it's NOT a small world after all -- it's awesomely GIANT!  Let your customers find you "around the world" in your own parking lot!

Whether celebrating graduates with the whole world open to them or honoring a retiree who traveled the globe for your company, this eye-catching inflatable will show your appreciation in an unforgettable way.

And check out our other giant inflatables, including an oversized welcome to springtime with our Giant Inflatable Ducky and our Giant Inflatable Rabbit!  Choose from our other  options:

No one will miss the message you send with our Giant Inflatable Characters, and in an era of drive-by graduations and outdoor birthday bashes, these characters are the perfect way to add pizzazz.

Click Here For Inflatable Safety Video!

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