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Columbus, Ohio Ghost of Jacob Marley - A Christmas Carol Ghost - Christmas Ghost Actor - For hire - Character Actors for hire

Ghost of Jacob Marley


Invite Ebeneezer Scrooge's ghostly business partner to hang out with your boss! Or maybe with your penny-pinching in-laws!

Your guests will remember this holiday happening through the long winter because our Ghost of Jacob Marley character actor will remind your friends, family and work colleagues of the true meaning of Christmas.

Whether it's the rattling chains or the spooky spectral presence, Ghost of Jacob Marley will celebrate the winter holidays in A Christmas Carol fashion.

We engage the most awesome Specialty Character Actors to bring a huge array of personalities to life for you and your party guests. Ask about our hundreds of mascots and costumed characters!

All of our equipment and awesome character costumes are sanitized before and after each visit, and our performers are instructed to follow AFE’s safe hygiene practices, including masking and frequent handwashing.

Awesome Family Entertainment has been creating one-of-a-kind memories for more than 25 years with special character appearances around Ohio. Our 300 party characters and entertainers energize every occasion.

Add to the occasion by inviting other holiday spirits such as the Grinch!

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