Awesome Caricature Artists of Columbus Ohio




Our Caricture Artists usually draws:
18-25 caricatures per hour  (when there are non-stop lines)
Uses Permanent Marker 

Black & White and/or Color 
11 X 11 sketch paper or 8 by 11


Usually for private parties you want at least  1.5 hours to allow your guests time to warm up to the idea and so they are not rushed.  Also, keep in mind many guests will want to have group drawings and separate drawings.


For Corporate events you want 1.5 hours for 25 or more guests and 1 additional hour for every 12-15 guests. 

For events with large amount of guests that will have a non-stop lines, you might want more than one caricatue artists for your event. To keep things running smoothly at your party



$125 per hour