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Rent our quality synthetic ice skating rink that is suitable for any event, all year round! Awesome Entertainment offers affordable and portable fake/synthetic ice skating rink rentals for parties and events.

We regularly rent our iceless skating rinks in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Michigan.

Plus, we offer most of our amusements and attractions nationwide. We offer short term and long term skating rink rentals.


Awesome Entertainment offers you an awesome, affordable and fun solution to your synthetic ice rink rental needs.
You can now offer a premium skating experience at your festival, promotions, company gathering, community event or trade show.


Often referred to as Iceless Skating Rinks, Fake Ice Skating Rinks, Portable Iceskating Rinks, No water ice skating rinks.

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Synthetic Ice Skating Event & Rental Benefits


Awesome Attraction
If you want to provide a totally awesome attraction at your next community or corporate event, then look no further than synthetic ice rink rentals from Awesome Entertainment.  Synthetic ice can be placed on almost any flat, hard surface that allows for creative expression.


Generate Media Attention
A unique attraction means extra media buzz, which helps promote your event and provides post-event recaps and media attention.

Low Maintenance
Our synthetic option offers all the fun without the maintenance costs and time investment of a permanent ice rink.  No need to worry about ice melting and resurfacing. You can focus on managing the event and serving guests, not stressing about the ice!

Sponsor Revenue Potential
With the added media buzz, synthetic ice rink rentals at community and corporate events provide a great sponsorship opportunity for event sponsors.


Create Excitement
An attraction that's awesome for all ages -- teens, kids and adults! 
We often rent synthetic ice skating rinks for venues where ice time is hard to come by or expensive due to limited surfaces and high demand.  Renting synthetic ice for your event creates excitement for those who don’t normally get to skate or who have never learned to skate. Invite novices to take advantage of a comfortable environment -- complete with our Hot Chocolate Bar ! -- to learn this life skill!

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Awesome Event Memories
Synthetic ice skating events create lasting memories, and we often receive requests to support multiple-day annual events, year after year, so it's best to secure this attraction for your gathering in advance.

Synthetic Ice Rink Installation: 

A synthetic ice rink is an awesome new way to add fun to your events, one that doesn’t need a particular surface for installation.

We can install your rink on any surface, as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • The surface must be flat.

  • The surface must be level.

  • The surface must be hard. 

Many types of surfaces meet these requirements, and wood, marble, asphalt and concrete are all suitable surfaces for the installation of synthetic ice rinks, whether indoor or outdoor. As long as the surface is flat, hard and level, you can enjoy a successful installation of your synthetic ice rink, whether it's outside or not. 

The size of the rink can be customized, but we offer a variety of set sizes to meet many common spaces.​ 
We are able to set up synthetic rinks indoors or outdoors, at anytime of the year.

The rental synthetic surface is quick to install -- usually 2 to 4 hours -- and easy to maintain.

Are Skates Included?
A variety of sizes and styles of skates are provide with each rental. 

Can Our Guests Slide In Their Socks?
Yes, your guests can do a sock skate as long as no other ice skates are on the rink.
We recommend a No Skate Hour or no skates at all during your event.


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