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Dunk Tank Safety Rules - Dunking Booth Rentals Columbus, Ohio

Safety: Dunk Tank Video

The second thumbnail displays a General Safety Video -- please watch.

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 for Manufacturer's Instructions.

Below are general rules that must be followed during the operation of the dunk tank.  

General Set Up Info:

1. Must be set up on a flat area; cannot be delivered over hills, over fences or down valleys. 

2. Don't set up by electricity or low-hanging tree branches.

3. Never place the dunk tank on a platform or stage. When filled, the dunk tank weighs over 4,500 pounds.

4. Only balls provided by the dunk tank manufacturer are to be used. Do NOT use baseballs or other hard balls or you may damage the unit.

5. The ride must not be operated during inclement weather, which includes rain, lightning, winds exceeding 15 miles per hour, hail or temperatures below 45 degrees.

6. When unattended by an adult, the dunk tank must be drained completely.

7. The water level in the tank should be kept at least 8 inches from the top.

8. Cordon off a “danger zone” completely around the tank -- in front, on the sides and behind. Keep people out of the zone to avoid anyone getting hit by an errant or deflected throw. Children should never be allowed inside this “danger zone.”

Please familiarize participants with these rules:

1. Only participants less than 250 pounds or the manufacturer’s stated maximum weight limit are permitted in the tank.


2. Dunkees (participants who will be getting into the tank) must be at least five (5) feet tall and must be able to swim.


3. If younger than 18 years of age, dunkees and dunkers  (participants throwing the ball) must have approval from a parent or guardian to participate.

4. All sharp objects on the participant, such as glasses, jewelry and watches, should be removed before getting into the tank.

5. Observers and participants should keep food and drinks away from the dunk tank.

6. Only one person is allowed on the seat or in the tank at a time.

7. The dunkee should never stand on the seat.

8. The dunkee should sit up straight, with hands on lap or knees.


9. Observers or participants are not allowed to hold onto the bars or put

themselves or any object through the bars.

10. Only the operator or event organizer is permitted behind the tank or

target area.

11. Participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted in

the tank.

12. Participants with physical or mental impairments should not be

permitted in the tank, unless they or their guardian confirms they are fit to


13. Participants with chronic knee or other joint conditions, previous back or

neck injuries, respiratory conditions, heart or circulatory conditions, and those who are pregnant are encouraged to consult with their doctor before participating in the dunk tank.

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