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Trade Show Pipe & Drape Booth

Our Trade Show Pipe & Drape rentals are a great way to make a professional exhibit booth space for convention center trade shows, bazaars or craft shows, job fairs, hotel trade shows, churches, school events, bridal shows and more.

Pipe & Drape Booths are a trade show staple. Lengths of pipe and cloth draping connect to create a stylish and defined booth space for your vendor conversations and prospective client introductions.

Our convention booth system is available as a single booth or can be combined to make multiple booth spaces in a continous row, as well as double-sided booths. 

Details regarding our Pipe & Drape options:

Heighth is adjustable from 7 ft. tall to 12 ft. tall.
Width is adjustable from 6 ft. to 10 ft. wide.

8 ft. or 12 ft. curtain in black or white
Other colors require a special order.

Using the pipe for taller than 8 ft. requires the 12 ft. curtain.
Using the pipe for 8 ft. or shorter requires the 8 ft. curtain.

Courtesy Wall Drape:
3 ft. high 
6 ft. to 8 ft. wide  
Black or White curtain option
Other colors require a special order.

NOTE: Depending on your selected height, curtains may create a classy puddle effect on the ground.

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