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Mechanical Surf Ride


  • Hang Ten or WIPEOUT! 

    Both young riders and professional surfer dudes will enjoy our Mechanical Surf Ride.

    Speeds are manually controlled, so younger kids enjoy a gentler ride. Then more adventurous riders can brave the barrel of the waves, honing their surf skills for the North Shore of Oahu.

    Our Mechanical Surf Ride comes with an inflatable mat that looks like a wave, a control box for different speed levels and an attendant for your event. 

    This deluxe surf simulator is one of our hottest new rides and offers an awesome challenge to players who want something different from the traditional sports competitions.

    And consider adding our Misting Surf Bounce House or our Misting Trees cool-down! And our Day at the Beach Photo Prop will complete your shore-side scene.

    Click Here For Inflatable Safety Video!