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general foam machine instructions

How To: Set Up Foam Machine


The second thumbnail image displays a General Instructional Video --please watch before installing.

Check ground for a flat, level surface. Remove rocks, sticks, pine cones, etc. Also check height clearance for trees, power lines and overhead obstructions. 

Items You Will Need:
Hose at least 5/8-inch diameter (inside) + 20 ft long (max)

Water source
Adult operator
Electrical outlet (20 amp without a GFI)
Powder Foam Packets (if not purchased through AE)

General Set Up Info:
1. Open stand as wide as possible. (Secure at least 2 legs with stakes.)

2. Place fan on top of black plate & secure with nut.
3. Tilt fan downward.

4. Connect clear hose to the fan and the brass piece.
5. Attach water source hose to brass piece or blue plastic piece.
6. Fill 5 gallon bucket with water. (Add powder after bucket is full.)
7. Mix 1 packet of powder in the 5 gallon water bucket.
8. Drop thin black tube into 5 gallon bucket.
9. Plug fan into regular electrical outlet (no power strips).
10. Turn on water full strength.
11. Turn fan on. (Some fans will have an ON/OFF switch.)

Trouble Shooting:

Fan not spinning fast or makes a humming sound:

Not enough electric current to the fan. Make sure outlet isn't shared with any other item. Do not use any powerstrips. Only use a 10- or 12-gauge cord.

Foam not coming out:
Water hose not connected to the right piece or slot

Not enough water pressure 
Not set to the ON position
Powder not fully mixed 
The spring has debris on it

Water is just coming out without foam:
The hose is not connected to the right slot
No foam in the water


After set up, inspect your set up and make sure there are no safety issues before allowing riders to enjoy.

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