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Fashion Style Caricature Artists

Design your event with high fashion style.

Whether true model material or just enjoying a flight of fantasy, capturing your guests in high fashion style can be remarkable entertainment -- and establish your party as an exceptional experience!

Our stylist Caricature Artists usually can draw:

  • 8-15 caricatures per hour, when guests come through a line
  • lower numbers in daycares, childcares or similar settings
  • with permanent marker 
  • in black & white and/or color 
  • on 11 X 11 or 8 x 11 sketch paper
  • 20-30% fewer drawings if they are more detailed

Our talented artists can sketch your guests with the traditional big head on a stylish fashionable body. Minimizing color and details streamlines the process and allows more guests to be captured in caricature.

For private parties, schedule at least 2 hours, so the artist is not rushed. This also allows your guests time to warm up to the activity and start the line. This amount of time also provides the artist the flexibility to do group drawings, as well as individual portraits.

For corporate events, consider scheduling 2.5 hours for 20 or more guests and 1 additional hour for every additional 10-12 guests.

For gatherings with large numbers of guests and non-stop lines, consider inviting more than 1 Caricature Artist for your event. Keeping lines moving will prevent your guests from feeling like they're missing the party while waiting for a caricature.

You will need to provide 

  • 1 table
  • 2 chairs
  • shaded area if outdoors

We work with some of the best Caricature Artists in Ohio! Reserve one of our select Fashion Style Caricature Artists to create the runway model atmosphere that will truly distinguish your gathering from the predictable party.

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