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Columbus, Ohio Inflatable Wall Climb Inflatable with two slide rentals Ohio

Deluxe Rocky Mountain with Obstacles

Climb every mountain -- and slide down it, then run through the obstacles to try again, again and again! 

Ascend to the summit, then push gravity in your race to the bottom, where you slide into the last leg of the challenge. Using BOTH slides will bring hours of competitive fun.

Our Deluxe Rocky Mountain with Obstacles is the safer, more exciting alternative to regular rock climbing. This dual climb-slide-run combo is easier for more people to tackle at once in timed competitions.

And with double the number of walls, slides and obstacle courses, twice as many players can enjoy the ride -- which means your guests spend less time waiting their turn to try!

Competitive families will love this inflatable at their reunions, and it's perfect for corporate team-building sessions and neighborhood events.

Just want to focus on the wall climb? Check out our alternative Rocky Mountain Wall Climb without the dual obstacle courses. 

And for your smaller guests, consider a shorter challenge, perhaps our 4-Element Obstacle Course or even our Kiddie Caterpillar Crawl!

Click Here For Inflatable Safety Video!

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