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Put up yer dukes!

In Big Glove Boxing, 2 opponents go a few rounds using oversized, SOFT boxing gloves in our inflatable ring. The cartoonishly large gloves and bouncy boxing surface make landing punches especially challenging.  

Boxing can be a rough sport, but our inflatable version produces more giggles than gut punches. Party-goers will be endlessly entertained by the clumsy contenders -- until they take their turn in the ring. Players will go down for the count laughing!

Awesome Family Entertainment has been creating one-of-a-kind memories around Ohio for more than 25 years. Our 300 party characters and entertainers, plus our dozens of carnival games, inflatables, concessions and other amusements make every occasion a special event.

All of our equipment and awesome character costumes are sanitized between rentals, and our staff is trained to follow AFE’s safe hygiene practices, including masking and frequent hand washing.

And consider adding to the vibe with our Sucker Punch Carnival Game or even our Jousting Knights!  

Click Here For Inflatable Safety Video!

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