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airbrushing artists for hire, Columbus, Ohio




Airbrush some AWESOME into your event!

Our Airbrush artists draw your guests into the magic of creating masterpieces before their eyes. Whether on bodies or boxers, images emerge to make your gathering memorable.  

Planning a party in Pittsburgh? Or marking an occasion in Ohio? Inviting Indiana colleagues? Check out our Airbrushing options.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

Our Airbrush Artists create that perfect  temporary tattoo, in any color you desire. Your guests will leave with their own designs that may last up to 5 days -- or can be erased after the festivities! 

Airbrush T- Shirts & Hats

Our Airbrush Artists create Party Favors filled with color and radiance. We offer many styles and packages -- T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Squishy Pillows, Boxers, Mouse Pads and so much more -- to satisfy your entire guest list.

Airbrush Face Painting

Our Airbrush Artists create ultra cool fantasy designs that will amaze your guests. Originality and illusion overcome everyday limitations to delight every attendee.


  • Artists use FDA-approved tattoo paint ingredients.

  • Images that are done on the body, are easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

  • Artists offer age appropriate designs for children’s parties, teens and adults.

  • You can supply your own t-shirts, hats, shoes, bags, etc., or AFE will provide them for an additional charge.

  • Expect 10-15 simple designs each hour for body brushing.

  • Expect 4-10 elaborate designs each hour for body brushing.
  • Each artist will need one (1) table and one  (2) chairs and one (1) close by outlet (not included).
  • Artists require a shaded area at outdoor events.
  • For airbrushing on products, we typically only do letters/names/numbers.
  • Expect 4-9 elaborate designs each hour for products.
  • Expect 8-13 simple designs each hour for products.

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