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Glow Parties make your New Year's Event Merry and Bright!

Glow Parties are becoming increasingly popular for both kids and adults alike. While glow themed parties can be held any time of the year...New Year's Eve Glow parties are simply amazing!

Our team has been designing glow parties for several years now and we have developed a list of the must have items to wow your guests and ring in the New Year in style.

We will break them down into three categories: Glow Furniture, Glow Entertainment and Glow Activities

Glow Furniture

Glow/LED Dot Chairs and Side Tables: Dot chairs with side tables are great for a more socially distanced seating arrangement. Like the Glow/LED benches, the dot chairs, and side tables have 16 different color options and can be set to strobe, pulse, fade, or remain one color.

Glow/LED Curved Bench: The LED benches will be sure to grab attention. Not only are they functional but they add an amazing aesthetic element to your party. The benches have 16 different color options and can be set to even strobe, pulse, fade, or just stay smooth.

Glow/LED Bar: Light up your spirits -- by enjoying liquid spirits at our LED Glow Bar.

A Glow Bar creates an instant centerpiece for any celebration, bathing guests in soft colors that you control with a battery-operated remote control.

Glow/LED Dance Floor: No glow/LED party is complete without an LED Mirrored Dance Floor. And Awesome Entertainment is the ONLY company in Ohio with a floor like this with its LED Mirrored Dance Floor!

The dance floor can be configured as a square or a T shape to create a lighted runway. Like the other LED equipment, it comes with a remote to select different colors and designs

Glow Performers

Glow Performers: Enliven your event with glowing, performing lights! Our Glow Performers mesmerize guests with graceful movements made possible by extraordinary skill and athleticism. Awesome Entertainment's LED Acts and Glow Performances are ideal for nighttime events or in spaces where you can control the lighting. This combination of luminous prop manipulation and charismatic dance will set any event aglow.

Glow Performances include one or more of the following LED-lit Glow Props: hula hoops, poi, fans, staff, wings and/or juggling clubs. Our in-house designers can coordinate and customize props and performances to complement your event color themes, or New Year's Eve party decor. Imagine your company logo or brand name pre-programmed into the Glow Dancer's glowing hula hoop so the audience sees it as the dancer moves!

Glow Activities

Glow/LED Seesaws: This see-saw takes this classic playground item to a whole other level. Adults will be just attracted to this item as the kiddos. With many light features and options, this is an awesome addition to must-have for any glow/LED party.

Glow/LED Swings: These swings add whimsy for kids and adults alike and they are sure to absolutely love them! The swings can be lit to 16 different colors. Swinging has never been so much fun.

Well, there you have it, our must have Glow/LED party rental items for your New Year's Eve party. It was hard to pair down the options because there are so many items to choose from. Check them out for yourself on our website


About Awesome Family Entertainment Founded in 1996 by Curtis Lovell, Awesome Family Entertainment has been bringing fun to Central Ohioans for over 20 years. The company offers party planning services, live entertainers such as life-sized characters and singing telegrams, party games, carnival-style games, bounce-houses, life-sized board games, build-a-bear machines and more. Guests can contact Awesome Family Entertainment by calling 614-224-9568 or visiting them on the web at

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