As an appointed event planner for your upcoming function in Columbus Ohio, you are super-duper busy with many details and you want to find awesome group activity for your next corporate event, company outing, school function and your college function, you want to get it planned right away and all the details right. You need to trust that it will be a hit with your colleagues and the big boss!


Everyday we help people just like you at companies big and small in Columbus by providing  lots of Awesomeness, fun,  and captivating activities designed to keep your employees entertained, engaged and motivated.


We have a large variety of rental items for your team building activities as well as team building coordinators.

 Team Builder - Inflatable Bull Ride

Size:  15' x 15' x 5'

Age Appeal:  kids  to adults

Maximum Weight Per User:  225 lbs


Non- Mechanical Bull Ride - 2 ropes on each side, a team pulls on them to knock the rider off - Awesome fun, Safer than the Mechanical Bull Rides and can be used as a team builder or just a fun bull ride.

This version allows more people to get involved, so less of a line for your event guests.

Our Bull Ride Rental is  50% less than our competitor  Mechanical Bull Ride rental prices!


one rider at a time
4 pullers at a time

Needs constant electrical power supplied by the renter

Also available: Mechanical Bull!


Inflatable Double Basketball Hoop Game

Size: 12' x 9' x 9'

Age appeal: kids to adults

Shoot a Basketball against your team mate.


Needs constant electrical power supplied by the renter.

Sumo Suits 

Size: adult or kid to mid-teen suits
Floor Mat 12' x 12'

Age appeal: varies

Options: 2 options available:  Adult and Kid Size

Wrestle your team mate in gianted padded sumo suits and knock them out of the ring to win.

Ultimate Slam Dunk Basketball Game

Size: 10' x 13' x 15'

Age appeal: tenns to adults


Bounce and slam dunk a basketball. Or create a team and see who gets the most slams in!


Needs constant electrical power supplied by the renter



Zorb Racing
Size: 20
' x 75'L x 13'

Age Appeal: kids to adults 

Maximum Weight Per User: 200 Pounds

Number of  Players:  2 at a time


Roll around like a hamster in our giant Zorb Balls. Race against your friends and bump into each other in the middle at the crossing point.

May not go in to water. Needs on open yard/field/gym/large room away from any objects.
Our hamster balls stays inflated between users, unlike other cheaper versions on the market.


Needs  electrical power supplied by the renter for the Zorb ball, and bumper

Giant Inflatable Twister
Size: 12' x 12 x 5'

Age Appeal:  kids to adults

Maximum Weight Per User:

150 pounds each, 1,000 pounds total

Number of Bouncers:  6 to 8

A huge open bounce area for hours of fun


Needs constant electrical power supplied by the renter



Electronic Double Basketball Deluxe Carnival Game

Size: 81" x 43" x 80.5"

Age appeal: kids to adults

Race against each other and see who can sink in the most baskets. 

Runs on AA batteries 



Corn Hole Standard Carnival Game

Size:  3' x 2"

Age appeal:  teens to adults
All time favorite! Comes with two corn hole boards.


Cash Machine
Size: 6' x 6' x 8'

Age appeal: kids to adults


Place cash or prize tickets in the machine and watch them blow around, actually don't watch, catch them before they stop blowing.


Needs constant electrical power supplied by the renter.

Large High Tower Game (Jenga) Deluxe Carnival Game

Size:  27" inches tall,

but you can double the height and get up to 54" or more!

Age appeal:  kids, teen to adults

The longer you play the game the TALLER is gets! 

See who can pull the last block with out making the tower tumble!

Putt Putt Golf / Mini Golf

Size:  varies

Age appeal:  all


Hole in One

3 Holes
6 Holes

9 Holes
Comes with clubs, balls, score cards and props.

Reverse Dunk Tank
Size:  4' x 4' x 6'

Age appeal:  kids to adults


This is safe new portable water dousing game, great for all ages.  Toss a vinyl bean bag at a target causing 5 quarts of water to pour down on the person sitting underneath the apparatus!  A fresh fill of water every time.  No need to fall in the same water as a conventional Dunk Tank!  Comes with a water fill attachment, connect a garden hose to the attachment for a more easy fill.  


Needs water access and crazy volenteers!