Water Balloon Burst


Hit the target with a ball and pop the water balloon. Two lines are formed, one to pitch and one to get soaked. 

A great alternative to a dunk tank and awesome for schools, fund raisers, backyard parties and corporate events.

Comes with 50 balloons per rental, you fill them with water.
You provide the water and the chair and we will provide the fun.

Alternative Ways To Play:

1. CLASSIC- Water filled. Pitch the ball, hit the target and SPLURSH! Sometimes kids will line up and pay just to sit in the chair to be the one splurshed!

2. CONFETTI - Use confetti instead of water in balloons (make your own with a funnel) Great for indoors, or when your VIP good sport really doesn't want to get wet! 

3. SLIME! - (OR APPLESAUCE OR PUDDING)- Kids have seen it on TV, so make it happen for wild and crazy events. Insert food-colored applesauce or pudding through a funnel (fill about 1/2 full) and inflate the rest with air. Be prepared to clean up, though.

4. FLOUR- In a POP! your splurshee looks like a powdered donut! Funnel in simple white flour (about 1/2 cup does fine), and fill the rest with air. Nice variety especially for indoor fun. (we recommend goggles)

5. MYSTERY SPLURSH! - Fill four opaque, numbered balloons: one each with water, flour, pudding, confetti. Let your Splurshee choose which number balloon they want to sit under - nobody knows what they'll get hit with until the target is hit.

6. WHEELCHAIR - Finally, a dunking game for fun loving people with disabilities. PITCHBURST can be played in wheelchairs, by both the pitcher and the splurshee!



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