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Nacho Cheese Dispenser


  • Guests make the party -- but melted Nacho Cheese makes every event awesome!

    Sealed in airtight bags, our Nacho Cheese is the traditional flavor party-goers love. And our Nacho Cheese Dispenser can enhance a variety of concessions: hot dogs, hamburgers, pretzels and, of course, Nacho Chips. 

    With the push of a button, guests can easily dispense hot cheese with little to no mess. And our Nacho Cheese Dispenser tightly controls amounts, allowing more product per bag and extending the freshness of the cheese.

    For larger events -- or a hungry crowd -- our Nacho Cheese Dispenser has space for a second bag to preheat, which keeps the cheese flowing.

    Additional Services:
    Ask your Awesome Entertainment Event Planner about sending an attendant to set up, operate and remove this equipment.

    And explore our other Concession Catering options to satisfy every attendee.


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