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Columbus, Ohio Party Characters for Hire Gummy - gumibar

Mr. Green Gummy Impersonator

Yummy! Invite our Mr. Green Gummy Impersonator to your party as a guest -- but not for dessert!  

Awesome Family Entertainment has been creating one-of-a-kind memories for more than 25 years with special character appearances around Central Ohio. Our 300 party characters and entertainers make every occasion and event special.

All of our equipment and awesome character costumes are sanitized before and after each visit, and our performers are trained to follow AFE’s safe hygiene practices, including masking and frequent handwashing.

For educational events, consider combining our Mr. Green Gummy Impersonator with our Tooth Fairy Visits or our Nutrition Salsa Puppet Show. Or add fun activities such as our Food Fight Game or one of our Concession Rentals. 

When you want AWESOME quality party characters for your event in Central Ohio, you will find them here at Awesome Entertainment of Ohio.

Character:  Mr. Gummy
Cross Play Character:  The Gummy Bear


The actor usually arrives dressed in character, so the magic begins the moment he or she walks through your door.

The actor typically tries to park down the street, so it’s best to keep the kids from looking through the windows or peeking out front until you see the character approaching.

Activities May Include:
Meet & Greet, Pose for Photos, Singing Happy Birthday, Dancing Around, Simple Host-Planned Activities, Hugs & Handshakes  and Other Spontaneous Interactions

Some Characters Might Bring:
Cards to sign autographs and little toy handouts.

Main Goal:
Our priority is that your attendees — especially your little ones or guest of honor at any age — enjoy meeting a version of their favorite cartoon character at your party or celebration. The more everyone participates, the more magical the memory.

What "Up To 40 Minutes" Means:
Each party is unique. So the time will vary. The character usually makes his or her exit when the magic fades. Final time varies with the number of guests, level of guest interaction and overall interest level.

Keeping the visit short and interactive helps conjure the best magical experience.

Give us a call to add our awesomeness to your party or event with our quality mascot costume characters. You can reach us at 614.224.9568.

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