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Aerial Acts


Angel or acrobat?
Daredevil or decoration? 

Our awesome Aerial Acts will take your breath away as acrobats perform high overhead, dangling from silks, swings or webs.

Whether the main attraction or adding atmosphere for a larger event, our ethereal entertainers are perfect for fairs, festivals, trade shows, social parties, casino parties, corporate events and fundraisers. 

Call our Event Planner to choose the option right for you:

Lollipop Lyra
A freestanding platform with a pole in the center and an aerial hoop (called a lyra) set on top of the pole, making it look like a lollipop. Can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Freestanding A-Frame
A portable, four-legged, freestanding A-frame from which an aerial apparatus can hang (trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial silks, etc). Can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Venue Rigging
Some aerial apparatus may be attached directly to a ceiling.  Please call us to arrange a venue assessment to see if this setup is right for your event.

Consider pushing the limits of excitement even further with coordinated or customized costumes, accessories or holiday apparatus decor, LED (lighted) adornments, Aerial Chandelier or other custom rigging options (where possible).  

And ask about our Aerialist Cocktail Service!